Settle down in a quiet corner all by yourself.


When you sit alone a barrage of thoughts will attack you. Neither get involved with these thoughts, nor make any attempt to get rid of them. Slowly the quantity and intensity of the thoughts will decline. With time your mind will get empty without any effort made by you. Your mind will now be quiet. You will now feel a sense of mental silence.


This silence will foster a sense of stillness in the mind, and your mind will no longer wander hither and thither. The still mind will lead to a still body.  Now a sense of solitude, silence and stillness within as well as without will be all pervasive.

Remain in this state for some time. You will experience a sense of peace. A peace which is without any beginning or ending. Now you will be a part of the eternal expansive peace.


This will be your very own inner imperishable sanctuary. You can retreat here whenever you feel tired and overwhelmed of all your worldly cares and concerns.

Well now, you have your very own hideout. And you can reach this place whenever and wherever you  wish and want.

#finding inner peace #joy #happiness #stressfree

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