Travel Light

We tend to think of ourselves as isolated individuals. When some one does us a good turn without any apparent reason, we are left wondering,  why so? We just thank our stars and carry on with our lives with out sparing any single thought over the event occurred. And, when some one harms us for no evident fault of ours, we end up saying, why me? At such times, we either blame others or ourselves.

But, if we analyse our lives deeply, we will realise a few thoughts keenly, and there after live our lives forever merrily!

Our true identity stems from the soul. The body is just the soul’s vehicle. And the journey of the soul is never isolated or solitary. The soul carries with it the stories of all the past lives it has lived. The soul is one continuous whole. From one life to another, from one form to another, the soul remains the same, the one constant. The soul inhabits different names and shapes at different times. The imperishable soul lives on in the perishable body.

So, while the soul is in the body of a particular person with a certain name and identity and that person does a good deed, to some one in the present life, s/ he will benefit from the fruits of this one good deed in the many future lives up come. And the same goes for a bad deed!

Our lives today is just a balance sheet. We have to settle the accounts with all those who either owe us some thing or to whom we owe some thing. We are here to settle all the account and clear the pending balance.

The burden if the karmic actions have to be exhausted. We have to diffuse the burden and lighten the baggage.

We already have too much on ourselves. Let us not create any more karmic baggage. Let us bear the consequences of our past life karma with fortitude. We should refrain from making any further actions which would follow us from one life to another and create as much good as we can in this life to help us in our following lives to come. Simply said, let us travel light!

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