Unwind The Mind

Sometimes we feel, we are at the end of our resources. Nothing or no one can help us anymore. But really it is nothing of the sort. It just so happens, that we have over worked our minds. All it needs is rest and relaxation. At such times, we should go back in to the lap of Mother Nature. As a first step, we have to switch off all our gadgets. Secondly, we have to locate a verdant spot. Now all that we have to do is take a walk amongst the greenery under the open sky. Yes of ourse, silence is of utmost importance here. While we walk through the place, we should look up at the sky and feel it’s expanse, watch the winged creatures go about flying and chirping oblivious to what is going on around them.This kind of music is not present anywhere else! We have to feel the soothing breeze blow past us, refreshing the body, mind and soul all at once. Look at the green grass below. Each blade has a story to tell, only if we are ready to lend them an ear. We have to learn to sense the sweet smell of the green grass. Take a look at the leaves. Each leaf is singular. We will be amazed by the sheer variety of the leaves around. Each one is of a unique shape, size and shape. And ofcourse, not to mention the beauty of the  flowers in full bloom. The air is rich with the mingled fragrance of the flowers, greenery and the slight smell that the breeze inherently brings with itself from all the direcions and the beautiful places it has visited on it’s sojourn so far!

In such environs, one does not have to exercise one’s mind at all! Nature will do all that there is to be done. One will not even know how and when one has become absolutely refreshed and recovered. At the end of the walk, one would be feeling rejuvenated and exhilarated to face the world all over again.

So just go ahead and take that first step in the long walk of holistic living.

Well now, here one comes, healed and happy.

#finding inner peace #joy #happiness #stress free

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