Towards Compelition…

In our journey as individual, when we reach the point where we stop identifying only with the material aspects of our being, then we realise, that, we are much more than only the mind and body. The sense of ‘I’ begins to dissolve. Then the fact , that, we are in essence, a soul dawns upon us. While we identify ourselves as ‘I’ we feel incomplete and are forever in search of completion. We look for that elusive fulfilment in others, who are themselves seeking to be complete and are lost in the illusion of ‘I’,struggling to touch base with their own true selves. So two incomplete people, both looking for completion through the manifest material world fail to complete either themselves or the other. True contentment lies in the world beyond the tangible world. And this is the well which will quench our thirst. The Kingdom of the Eternity. The divine, the limitless and the eternal is the Supreme Soul- The Source. This is the Eternal Flame. Our soul, the flickering light of the fast extinguishing candle of life is the lost and sepatated part of this very Eternal Flame. This flicker is yearning to go back to it’s source. It’s place of origin and also it’s final resting place. And when we begin to attach our soul to this Supreme Soul all search is forever over. The Light of the candle will now finally merge with the Eternal Flame and be at peace forever and forever….

This journey will take place over many a life times before we finally reach Home, the Divine Abode. In this journey our flame of the flicker will sometimes be dim and sometimes be bright, before it finally reaches the Eternal Light.

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