Kingdom of Knowledge

When we face a catastrophy or a calamity in our lives we tend to give in to despondency and a state of hopelessness. This is how we react like at such times. But we can make an exception today and respond to the situation in a way hithero unknown and untried and discover a whole new world opening unto us and leading us only higher and higher on there from. Well, the sky is the limit and the aim!

Let us from now on follow the 8R process, which is as follows, 1)Reflection, reflect upon the event from beginning to ending, objectively. 2)Realise,what where and how things went wrong. 3)Regret, do not hesitate to accept your own mistake. Make a plan and convert the guilt into action. 4)Rectify, as soon as possible make amends wherever and to whomever possible. 5)Relief, after having apologised to the aggrieved party or person, allow yourself to feel a sense of relief set in upon you. 6)Release, now you will be out of the circle of that particular event’s action and reaction.

And not just for now or only one isolated happening 7)Remember, the lessons learnt well. And for the future 8)Repeat, in all and every circumstance, whether everyday issues or life altering decisions, the formula remains the same!

And this is the path which will surely lead you to the higher realms of the Kingdom of Knowledge as on this path you get to learn how to subdue the ego, a sense of tolerance and endurance, rectifying mistaken beliefs leading to right thinking and the way to take positive actions with courage and conviction. This journey is from internal to external finally leading to self transformation, which is our first step on the path of the Divine.

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