Meditation…The Way…

Meditation is conserving the mental energy. It is saving the mental strenght and not spending it on any unnecessary thought, idea or memory.

Restraint in the use of mental resource is also a form of meditation. It is a practice of intangible energy conservation. And this saved energy will come forth whenever there is an unexpected turn of circumstances or any unprecedented situation which may take one by surprise.

Meditation is abstinence from indulging the lower instincts of the mind. Thereby, saving mental energy and then using the same stored reservoir of mental strength for taking the mind to higher dimensions.

Thoughts are not ready to clear the way,

what to do now and how to meditate a little while during the day,

well, well, well, there is an easy way,

now when the thoughts come, neither run away nor chase them away,

……….just stay…… a few moments they will themselves go away,

and in this way you will win them over and have the last say!

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