A New Direction

Lens flare light background

Our mind has exponential potential. It is boundless and limitless in its capacity. It is multidimensional. And an instrument through which we can reach the divine. This is the connection between us and the Ultimate Source of all Creation. Generally we use the mind’s resources only to help in the end of gaining material success and worldly gains. We have taught it to work only in one direction. We have now to train the mind in the new direction of spiritual development. This new dimension should be explored and enhanced. Its capacity should be utilised to attain the ultimate aim of human life, i .e to merge and be one with the Source and Power of all Creation. Our mind is the vehicle which will take us to this destination of the Eternity. And we will reach this end by initiating our minds into new practices, like the art of meditation. The mind is the tool to reach higher planes beyond the material world and meditation is the skill required to reach this end. So all the best for this new and exciting journey in a new direction and higher destination. Bon Voyage!

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