The Blessing Of Choice

Free will is a gift of the Divine to all of us human beings. It has only been bestowed upon us. It is unique only to humans across all Creation. This is the power to choose between what is right and what is wrong. This is the ability to make an informed choice. This power is what makes a human being a humane being, unlike any other creature in the entire spectrum of all the animated beings with any amount of mental ability.

The consequences which follows our actions and choices we make is not within our control. One single decision may have different impact upon different people and situations. We do not exist in isolation. All our acts become a cause of many and varied effect.

All that is within our control is to take any course of action only after due deliberation and consideration of possible consequences within a given and limited set of circumstances. So we have to make use of our gift of sense of discretion and carefully contemplate all possible consequences of all and any choice or decision that we make. So we have to learn the right use of our faculty of free will and always choose wisely.

First of all we have to make a choice to exercise this gift of free will and not falsely consider ourselves a slave to circumstances and judiciously exercise the unique blessing of free will.

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