Happy To Be Sorry

Accepting our mistake is not an easy task. It requires complete honesty with ourself. And once when without any exaggereated sense of our own self we accept our fault, we feel humble. We start getting rid of our ego. And in this process we come to know ourselves better. It leads slowly but surely to self discovery.

Asking for forgiveness from someone needs heaps and heaps of courage. And we tend to discover a new and hidden reservoir of strength within us. This makes us a stronger person.

Whatever the outcome, whether reciprocated or repudiated, the load is off our mind, we are free and feel so much more light.

And unlike the popular perception, in place of falling we only tend to rise higher in others estimation. They invariably see us in a new light of appreciation and respect.

So, a little word like sorry will take us on a new road of becoming a better person with lots of humility, courage, freedom and tons of happiness to spread around to one and all.

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