Take Rest

Feeling drained out?

Trying to take rest?

But every time we sit down we keep fidgeting around or toss and turve all the while we lie down for some rest.

This only further tires us out!

To rest physically we must first rest mentally. And to rest mentally we must get out of the web of thoughts. There are thoughts coming and going out of the mind incessantly. We simply have to learn to disengage ourselves from this chain of thoughts. We neither have to get involved nor respond to the thoughts that enters the mind. Slowly there will be a decline in the number and frequency of the thoughts coming to the mind. And now we will experience a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

With patience and practice we will be able to remain for longer spells of time in this state.

With time, perseverance and sincerity this state of mind will become our dominant state of mind and then we will be able to handle our day to day lives much more peacefully. And we will no longer suffer those bouts of tiredness and exhaustion.

When our mind will be at rest our bodies will also be in a state of relaxation and we will always be full of hope and health.

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