The Temple

Our body is a temple. We have to keep it clean. And give it pure food. We have to maintain this structure in good condition with the regular practice of yoga as this is the medium through which we can reach out to the higher realms begining from the mortal to finally reaching the Immortal.

Our mind is the Sanctum Sanctorum. We have to purge it of all negative thoughts and attitude. And give it its required nourishment of meditation. Meditation replenishes the tired mind with freshness and vitality which is entangled in worldly matters and prepares it to connect it to a higher power beyond the material world.

Our heart is the lamp to be lit in the temple. In order to prepare it we have to first cleanse it of all hatred and rancour. And then we have to fill it with faith and devotion. Henceforth, the light of love and compassion will glow here and give peace and warmth within and also to those who are around us.

Our soul is the presiding deity in the temple of the body. The soul is the Divinity within. We have to give up all material attachments and worldly desires to come close to the deity. The Divine within is easily pleased when there is genuine intention and sincere effort on our part. And soon the Divine will shower us with the blessing of lasting joy and eternal bliss.

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