Mind Management

Rules for effective mind management leading to lasting peace and harmony in life, tried, tested and practiced! So just go ahead and make it a part of your life too.

If there is a problem, then there is a solution. We should give it its due consideration. And after going through all possible solutions reach a conclusion. Thereafter, avoid going through it all over again. Over thinking will only further complicate the matter and drain out all mental energy leaving you tired and exhausted.

In order to detach from the present situation go in for some sort of recreational activity. Give your mind a break. A short walk or some soothing music will help give the mind the much needed rest.

In the long run detox the mind by regular practice of yoga and meditation. Try to be as regular and constant in your practice. This is the key to making our effort a lasting success as only perseverance will yield result in this sphere.

Write down all issues, whether big or small, which has been nagging you persistently in the back of your mind. It will make you feel light and rejuvenated. Decluttering the mind will also create space for new ideas.

Slowly and steadily learn to let go of the past. Remind yourself, that, holding on to the past is not only of no help, but is couter productive for mental health leading to long term debilitating impact on the physical body.

After due consideration leave behind those people and situations on which you have no control. The struggle is of no help to any one or anything. It will only create bitterness and neagativity. Sometimes withdrawing from the scene of action is the best possible remedy.

Do not worry about the future. Trust in the Universal Force. The future can take care of itself. Give your all to the present moment. Save yourself anxiety for the future and employ your energies only in the present. Happy present will lead to a happy future.

On a regular basis spend some time in silence and solitude. It will reacharge the mind. This will also in the long run help you know yourself better. The path to self discovery begins here. Walk along to Eternity!

For a happy mind, do not bother much about what the world thinks and says of you. Realise the fact, that, you can not please everyone all the time. Your own Conscience is all that matters. Keep this light and clear. All else will naturally fall into place.

Introspect. Think about yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Work upon the weaknesses and polish the strengths. Learn to feel good about yourself.

Realise the fact that you are unique. Never compare yourself with any one. This is the greatest harm we do unto ourselves. Recognise that, we are all blessed. Learn to count your blessings.

Human life is precious. It is a gift of the Divine. Not all beings are blessed with it. Cherish it. Express gratitude to the Divine. Gratitude is the best attitude leading to higher altitude! Stay blessed and smile at all times.

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