Eternal Contentment

The soul is imperishable. The body is perishable. The soul resides within the body. Paradoxically, the temporal is the home of the Eternal. When through the five senses we gratify the material desires then the pleasures we gather is also fleeting in nature and leaves us asking for more. The passing nature of the happiness only whetts our appetite. Neither the means nor the end leads to any kind of lasting joy. For in providing for the temporary no permanent joy can be attained.

For this we need to provide for the everlasting soul. Any activity undertaken in pursuit of the enrichment of the soul will enable us to experience true bliss and a deep sense of well being.

Spiritual practices not only give us eternal peace and joy but also makes our every day material existence simpler and easier as now we are whole and healed within with none of the old insatiable greed and craving left in us anymore. And this will eventually lead us to know and experience true fulfilment and eternal contentment.

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