Requirements for success in the material world, are education, information and erudition.

Requirements for success in the the world of the Eternal, are a pure heart, clear conscience and good intention for one and all.

Success, alas, is also just a worldly term, signifying quantifiable things, fleeting acquisition and perishable materials acquirements. In the land of the Eternal, the attainments are imperishable and everlasting peace and bliss.

The gains of success in the material sphere will satisfy one want and give rise to a million more cravings and endless desires with an unsettling feeling of disquiet and nagging restlessness. The gains of the development in the immaterial realm is eternal and everlasting joy and a deep sense of fulfilment and contentment. And here we experience wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. An abiding sense of healing and constant restfulness awaits us in the land of the Divine. Hence, make a choice and here forever rejoice!

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