A New Path

There are times when a particular occurrence makes us think of ourselves and our lives from a vantage point, perhaps, from a place of detachment as well. Or maybe, it is just a call from within. It has always been there. We just happen to take the prerogative now to listen to our inner voice. We question not only the life we have lived so far, but, even ourselves. This is ‘The Awakening’. We have woken up from a state of deep slumber to the rising of a new dawn. The begining of the journey of self discovery leading to the true Self, the Divine. This Supreme Power, who is the summum bonum of all our efforts and the cause and effect of all our endeavours. This is the ultimate destination of our journey.

In this journey we can either follow the teachings of those who have gone through this journey before us and have reached their destination. Or we can choose to make our own path and carve our own destiny and reach our destination on our own. On this path we will fall and stumble but rise again and make our very own discoveries.

The earlier teachings may be used as the experiences of travellers of the same path. These help us in feeling reassured, focused and going on. These serve as the broad sketching which we have to fill with our own colour. These are a source of support and sympathy encouraging us to carry on on our journey, and never feel alone. They provide us with not just guidelines but also impart guidance. This is the map, we have to traverse the distance ourself. So, we have to listen to our own instincts in carving out our own path. We have to pay heed to our own thoughts and ideas and learn from our own experiences of trial and error. Therby, creating our own path and and walking upon it at our own pace and rhythm. And now we are our own Master and disciple, a light unto ourselves.

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