Meditation In Continuation.

Sometimes, in our lives certain events make us sit back and think. We just have to introspect and reflect. And upon due consideration when we reach a conclusion, that, may be, there is a certain pattern in our behaviour which is recurring and leading to misunderstandings, then, maybe, it is time to work upon ourselves. And once, when we identify that one weakness, and resolve to get rid of it and leave it behind us, then, there is a dawn of a new era in our lives leading to bigger and better horizons of self development. Realisations will lead to reformation. The path may be a tough one to follow. We might suffer relapses. At such times, be easy on yourself. Forgive yourself and just carry on undeterred. Be alert and aware at all times. Pay attention to the mind and do not fall back to old habits and patterns. Just remain faithful and determined to the new vow of self discipline and improvement. And this practice of self control and self regulation will become our very own state of meditation in continuation.

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