Mother Of Pearl

Our physical body is the instrument through which we can access the metaphysical. This is the vehicle which will take us forth to our final destination. It will help us in our pursuit of the higher realms only when it is itself well provided for and taken care of. The gross and the subtle go hand in hand. No one is superior to the other. When we give the body it’s necessities, like food, clothing, shelter and cleanliness only then it gets prepared for further journey to the higher sphere. When we make some progress in our spiritual journey then we should not take the medium which brought us hither for granted and look upon it with contempt. Our conscious effort

will continue only as long as the the body is sheltering the soul. The moment the material perishes the progress of the immaterial also comes to a halt. We have an opportunity for spiritual development only because we have been gifted with the human form. Deep spiritual practices lead to a healthy body, as these practices reduces stress and brings peace and harmony in our lives. And, a healthy body enables one for intense spiritual austerities and profound penances. Hence, we should never fall a prey to any misleading ideas of, spiritual ‘arrogance’ and disregard the physical body. This will defeat the entire concept of spirituality, which is one of unity, wholeness and all round growth, development and well being .We should keep in mind, that, the Mother of Pearl is just as precious as the pearl itself and one cannot exist without the other. Hence, here’s wishing all a healthy and well balanced mind, body and spirit.

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