The True Blossom

Our soul is in a particular stage of evolution when we come into the world. It is upto us whether we want to leave it where it is in its dormant state or work upon it’s upliftment. Any cataclysmic event or a sense of natural self exploration may lead us to reflect upon our place in life and the state of our soul. All roads take to the same destination, ‘Awakening’.

Once this realisation dawns upon us the journey of transformation begins. It is a journey from within to without. Think, reflect, contemplate and upon due consideration choose the path of action. If in the course of life one has been wronged, then, try to forgive and move on. Do not carry the burden of a grudge. Make yourself light and free from the past. Do not hold on to any one or thing. Believe in the Principle of Natural Justice. In the course of reflection if one realises, that, we have wronged some one, then ask forgiveness and express genuine regret at the earliest given opportunity and make possible amends in order to release yourself from the past actions and potential hindrances in the future course of self development.

Once all worldly matters have been satisfactorily resolved, the inward journey is set to begin. Spiritual practices may now be started on a new slate with complete attention and focused concentration. Development of the soul is now single minded pursuit of the mind and body with unwavering dedication and devotion ready to face challenges and difficulties with courage and fortitude on the path of the evolution. With our conscious will and effort we will slowly and steadily raise the level and degree of our spiritual state. The fruits of our actions are incumbent on the Divine. But, the immiediate results for us to experience will be those of lasting peace, abiding bliss and fulfilling contentment, in the here and now. And, these practices in the service of the Ultimate will not only wash off our sins of the past and present deeds but also create for us a prosperous and bright future here and for the hereafter as well. Hence, the bud of the soul flower should be nurtured with love and care into blossoming at the the earliest as its fragrance and fruits will come to us in this life as well as the many coming life times.

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