A New Dawn

When we realise the call within and move towards a new horizon, then most certainly personal transition is in the wings. A new direction for a new destination beckons us. And, now the journey of self transformation begins. On this journey the change which takes place moves from within to without encompassing all aspects of our life.

Sometimes, those around us resist this change. They try to pull us back to the old ways. They even go to the extent of being resentful and hostile. They exhort us and even at times attempt to tempt us back with the bygone but now ineffective traps. Here we have to practice a great amount of caution. We have to recognise all such manouverings and adequately rise to the occasion and not fall prey to any such trap. And with determination move forward on our chosen path with faith and devotion. Now we have to take along only those who are sympathetic to the cause and willing to accept the change and leave those behind who are inimical to the cause and inhospitable to new tidings. All paths now only take us forward and there is no possibility of looking backwards to the time of darkness and ignorance in the light of the new awakening. For on this path we learn inclusivity and compassion for one and all and there is no place of mine or thine and any sense of exclusivity and attachment.

On our path onwards we might meet fellow travellers who are also on the journey of emancipation and all trying to reach their goal in their own way and at their own pace. They will serve us companions and also help us remain true to our cause. We might even get to learn a lesson or two from them. Common experiences may be shared and at times prove beneficial in this journey of self discovery and development and propel us further in the realisation of the Supreme. Love for the Almighty serves as the common bond. The means and end of such associations is to help one another in the progress of the endeavours, which is the final realisation the Ultimate. And, as and when on this journey we come closer to the Divine, the Divine befriends us. The Divine now becomes our friend, philosopher and guide. Now we are self dependent, that is, Self dependent. We are now a light unto ourselves and an inspiration to the aspirants of the same path and destination.

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