Divine Grace

In our life either because of a cataclysmic event or guided by our own inner calling, when we awaken from a deep and long slumber of ignorance and darkness, then, we have to learn to depend upon ourselves in the journey of the discovery of the Self and not expect any sudden miracle from the Almighty. We just have to continue moving ahead in this journey of self discovery leading to the discovery ultimate the Self. To expect any benevolence from the Divine only because we are working towards Him, is misleading and may also hamper our further journey. We have to be focused on ourselves. It is for the Divine to reward our labour according to His will. And, when our effort is genuine and our intention honest, devoid of any ulterior motive or self interest, then we naturally develop a sense of faith in the Almighty. And it is our faith which thus takes us forward. And, this journey by itself becomes a reward.

The inspiration to walk on the path of the Divine also comes from the Divine. This call or awakening has been bestowed upon us by his Grace. So, it is his will that we are fulfilling when we walk on His path. The journey started by his will, will also reach its culmination by his will. When He has shown us the path He will also take us to its destination. All we have to do is continue ahead on the path with faith and devotion. Divine Grace will descend upon us surely as and when it has to at its own time. Maybe, in this life or another, one thing is certain, that, it will definitely come. So, we just have to go ahead with the labour without worrying about the fruit, as the service to the Divine is in itself is a blessing. The call unto the Divine is itself a Divine Grace.

All we have to do is follow the path wholehearedly with dedication and no thoughts of expectations. Divine Grace has brought us thus far, and will take us even further.

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