The Momentum

On the path of the spiritual journey we have to be very cautious and careful. Upon reaching a little ahead from where we started we may either become complacent or arrogant. The gifts which follow sincere spiritual practices are those of wisdom and humility. Any kind of snobbery is against the very essence of spirituality. True spirituality in grains a sense of understanding and empathy for all fellow beings. So, any form of exaggerated sense of one’s own self defeats all principles of spirituality and renders all efforts thus far ineffectual. And we go back to where we started from and end up getting engulfed in the self same darkness and ignorance whence we had come. Hence, we have to be very mindful and avoid any such trap and temptation with great mental agility and a continuous sense of awareness.

Developing a sense of complacency is also one of the pitfalls we might encounter on the path of our journey. We have to be always eager and alert and be forever ready to challenge our limits. There is no room for any sort of lack of motivation. We have to be motivated and continue to move ahead with constantly renewed determination. The moment we slacken our pace and fall into a comfort zone, that very instance we will be thrown back to where we started from and all our endeavours of the past would go for naught. Hence, never let the fervour die down and carry on the momentum ahead. There is no back and forth on this journey, there is only and always a movement onwards taking us forward.

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