New Year New Begining

This new year let us resolve to declutter our lives from within and without. Let us rid ourselves of old patterns and behaviour which do not serve any purpose any more. And imbibe new attitude and cultivate qualities which help in self development and enhancement. Let us bid goodbye to people and places which impede and hinder our journey of growth and self transformation. Let us dedicate this coming new year and a whole new decade towards all things positive and progressive. Now we will leave the old baggage behind us and completely renew ourselves and make ourselves absolutely empty. There will be no more darkness and heaviness, only a sense of lightness within and without. We will be totally light and hollow and ready to receive the Divine Light. And when the Divine Light descends upon us we will experience eternal bliss, joy, peace and contentment. This Light of Eternity will shine bright within us and through us will spread around to all those who come across us as well.

Hence, let us resolve to stay true to our resolution as this is the only abiding solution to all of life’a trials and tribulations and leave behind all temptation with great self motivation and move ahead with unfailing grit and determination towards a life of fulfilment and celebration.

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