No Worries

When the circumstances are not within one’s control then the best thing to do is to leave it all on the Almighty. Sometimes, letting go of power is most empowering. At times it is best to let God be the Doer. And as and when the time is right for us to take action then the Supreme Power will himself inspire us to act. Allow things and situations to take their own course. Sometimes, not doing anything is the biggest Doing. Trust in the Divine. When we let go and leave things unto the Almighty then the Almighty does the best unto us. Keep no doubts. Surrender unconditionally. Rest assured in the happy knowledge that your matters are being attended to by the best and most efficient and effective of all Powers that be. This makes us light and empty and gives us energy to heal from within and recalibrate without. Just relax! Start small. One step at a time. Apply this policy on matters of small proportion as an experiment to begin with . And then slowly increase the application on matters of larger magnitude. Go from small to medium to issues with lasting consequences and wide ranging ramifications. Cultivate this practice with patience, perseverance and unwavering faith. Keep going and glowing in the glory of the Divine Design.

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