Help Thyself

To resolve any issue in life, be it personal, mental, social, or physical we have to identify its root cause. One of the basic causes of physical ailment is the conflict between the mind and the soul. When the agitation of the mind clashes with the natural peace of the soul then it manifests itself in the form of physical afflictions. We have to resolve this constant state of war and arrive at a lasting sense of tranquility and well being. For this we have to understand both the nature of the mind as well as that of the soul.

Through the mind we respond to the activities of the external world. Thoughts are the food for mind. So we have to be very careful of the kind of thoughts which arise in our mind. We have to continuously distill the mind from the toxic thoughts which arise from time to time in the mind and replace these with encouraging and motivating ideas. And we have to make this a day to day practice. The mind is sometimes full of opposing thoughts leading to a state of imbalance, agitation and disturbance. At such times we should use our intellect to control our wayward mind. Intellect is the faculty to distinguish between the good and bad and the right and wrong. It is a unique gift of the Divine bestowed solely on the humankind amongst all other beings in the Universe. We do not have to fall prey to the illusions created by the mind and learn to exercise our Intellect at all times. We can regulate our mind through a constant practice of reflection and contemplation. And make patience and discretion our cornerstone of life.

Peace, bliss and contentment are the attributes of the soul. It resides deep within all of us. We must learn to connect with it. It is in a dormant state, we have to learn to activate it in order to bring forth its innate qualities alive in our everyday life and fill it with the fragrance of love and joy. The soul exists in its latent form in all of us whether we realise it or not. It resides within all of us in its unacknowledged form waiting to be realised. A person is in existence only because of presence of the soul. Once the soul leaves the body a person ceases to exist. We should try to realise our spiritual essence through self study and learning of texts and scriptures. We should also try to connect with our soul through practice of yoga, dhyaan and pranayam.

These practices will enable us to realise our true and higher self and resolve the internal conflict of the mind and the soul. We will no longer be pulled in opposing directions and will be well on our way to internal as well as external healing and the speed and efficacy of physical recovery during the course of the curative measures which is in progress or is yet to begin will also be accelerated and strengthened. Therefore, help yourself to heal yourself.

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