Let Go

All of us have time and again either heard or read the words ‘let go’. And we have often wondered what do these words exactly mean and how do we apply them in our life. Holding on to past wrongs which we have received from others only create negativity and toxins in us and our system. And this only makes it more difficult for us to cope with the situation.

At such times we have to remind ourselves of a few Natural and Universal Truths which go beyond Time and Space. And this is the Principle of Divine Justice. And from this the concept of total Disconnection and Disassociation with those who hurt us and harmed us naturally follows.

This is not just a belief but a FACT. Divine Justice always and always takes place. So leave justice unto the hands of the Almighty. Do not believe but KNOW that justice will be done. The wrongdoers WILL be punished.

And when this Principle takes roots in our thinking pattern then steadily a sense of disconnection from all those who wronged us takes place. Gradually we begin to feel light and liberated as we now know that yes, Justice will take place and we need not burden ourselves any more with any load of hatred and revenge and neither wallow in a sense of injury and self pity. We are now out of the vicious cycle of the victim and perpetrator, and free to concentrate on reconstruction and self development leaving the inhibiting and limiting past well behind us.

And every time the sense of being wronged returns, as we all know, old habits die hard, well then we just have to recall to ourselves that Justice is at work and we are going to be surely vindicated. And knowing this now we can safely distance ourselves from all thoughts of negativity and focus our energies on renewal and resurgence. This is our own little ‘gentle reminder’ that we have to give ourselves every time we falter in our resolve.

Having given the reigns of Justice unto the hands of the Almighty all we have to do is rest the case and rest assured. And now we not only know how to let go but we have actually LET GO!

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