The Cycle of Karma

Whenever we are placed in any circumstance of dispute, then at such times we have to remember, that, we can not fight another’s battle. All of us have to fight our own battle ourselves. Whenever we feel exhausted and helpless while fighting for someone else, well then maybe, it’s time to stop and consider the matter for a moment or two. It is time to recall the age old adge, that, we can take a horse to the well but we can not make it drink. Similarly, we can show a person the right path to the best of our ability but we can not make them walk on it. We have to remember that, this is the battle of that person and not ours. It is their Karma, not ours. Here a fine balance have to be practiced. We have to always keep in mind, that, we should not enter into the other’s Karma Cycle. We have our own Karma Cycle to complete and our own Karmic balance to settle. No one can do it for us and we can not do it for anybody else. We can only fulfil our own duty. We can only help others by honest counsel and proper guidance to the best of our capability. To chose to work upon it or not is the other person’s call. To act or not depends solely upon them. We should know where to draw the line and when to withdraw and let each one play out their own Karma and to go through their own Karma Cycle without either going beyond our own or entering upon theirs. Hence, practicing the Principle of Balance in thought, word and deed in all situations will create a fine balance of Karma and the Karma Cycle.

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