Just Hang In There!

Life is all about going beyond our limits. The moment we feel we are at the end of our resources and that we cannot go on any longer, well then, that’s the very moment we got to hang in there!

This moment is a catalyst which will introduce us to our true potential. After we cross this threshold we would enter a world of self-reliance and resilience of which until now we were absolutely unaware. All we have to do is not give in to the luxury of despair and recall to ourselves that, such moments of weaknesses are here only to help us prove our mettle and remember to make this one weak moment our strongest impetus and source of motivation. At such times we have to tell ourselves, this moment is the One Challenge which once when won will mean that, half the battle has already been won. We have to recognise this moment as a moment of realisation to rise to not only our higher and better but our Best Self. The main aim of such moments of crisis is to lead us on on a treasure hunt which will take us finally to the hitherto undiscovered treasures of Divine Gifts which we all possess and know nothing about.

The Almighty in all his kindness and generosity have bestowed upon the humankind the gift of the Intellect. This is unique only to the human race across all the creatures of the Universe. This faculty enables us to know the difference between the good and bad, the right and wrong, basically this is the discerning factor which makes all the difference between a human being and an untamed beast. The Intellect, at such times of self doubt and fear of failure will enable us to recognise the games that the mind plays from time to time upon us. With the help of the Intellect every time we feel we are getting closer to the pit of hopelssness and helplesness, we will recognise it to be what it is, just a trick of the wayward mind! And know that, we have to win over this game of the mind with the power of the Intellect.

And this very Intellect will further remind us that we possess the Divine Blessings of Courage, Will Power, Bravery and Resilience, as a boon from the Almighty. And all we have to do is rise to the occasion and to our best potential against all lowly fears of defeat, self pity and false illusions of our own weaknesses with the help of our Divine Gifts and over come all obstacles whether within or without. And neither give in to the temptation of weaknesses nor give up on our goal, come what may.

And now empowered with the Knowledge of all our Resources we will not ever be intimidated in the face of any difficulty or unforseen circumstance in the pursuance of our goal. All we have to do is simply tap into these inner reservoir of unlimited strength and unending energy every time we feel depleted or at the end of our rope.

Henceforth, we will not be browbeaten by any external or internal event, however ostensibly insurmountable and continue on our Path undeterred in the face of all odds with firm conviction and determination in the direction of Victory and Triumph beyond our perceived limits and defeating all inner and external challenges and reach greater and newer horizons.

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