Do Your Bit!

We are all individual creations of the Almighty. All of us have an individual connection with the Divine. It is an interpersonal relation between the God and the individual. Nature is the Manifestation of the Divine. In a way, Nature itself is Divinity. Caring for Nature is a form of Worship of the Almighty. Environmental Preservation is each individual’s personal obligation and primary duty. Nurturing the Environment is an Act of Devotion, an act of Service unto God. Destroying and harming Nature is a disservice and an act of sacrilege.

One has to know the difference between Individual Action and Collective Action. When it comes to Nature Preservation then each individual is responsible in his/her own individual capacity. What the larger collective is doing is their culpability we are only responsible for our own Individual Act vis-a-vis the Nature. We have to foster our own personal bond with Nature as we are answerable individually towards it. The Nature not only knows the Action but also feels the Intent of each and every individual. Each act done in the spirit of service to the Nature becomes its own reward. Each act becomes an act of personal enrichment and fulfilment, an experience inexplicable in words!

Henceforth, we should all pledge to save and cherish Nature in all its forms with all our actions be it big or small, whether individual or collective. Thereby, nurturing our own individual bond with Nature and in so doing offer obeisance to the Divine and also receive Divine Blessings. From now on through our own little initiatives we will contribute to saving Nature in all our endeavours. And if, in the course of our journey we are able to inspire some other individual/s then it will be our highest and best offering to God. And even if not, we will continue forthwith on our Pilgrimage undeterred all the way in the company and in the service of the Almighty doing our own bit!

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