Our Own Sunshine

Professional, monetary, social, personal, familial, and the list goes on and on…..success achieved at all levels! All boxes ticked! We are applauded and we applaud ourselves!

But then, why this nagging feeling of emptiness, this sense of longing! And longing for what? No clue, no idea! And this void only seems to get deeper and wider. Why not, yet fulfilled? Why not, yet at peace?

May be, somewhere in the midst of chasing worldly success we have lost touch with ourselves. Here we need to slow down a bit and reconnect with our core. Chasing material success and goals have certainly enriched us without but depleted us within. Inspite of all tangible name, fame and success may be, there is something deeper and more subtle yet to be discovered and realised within for everlasting fulfilment and eternal enrichment.

This calls for some introspection and reflection, upon what it is that we really want and long for? We wouldn’t be able to know this immediately. This is the beginning of a new journey. We have to learn to listen to ourselves. There may be an undiscovered facet of us which is wanting to express itself. There might be some hidden and latent talent waiting to be discovered within us. Or it might just be the Divine within in its nascent form wanting to come to full bloom. Possibilities are immense and endless. This is the journey of self discovery. As the ancients have said, Know Thyself.

Start the journey with the process of trial and error and the method of selection and elimination. Slowly we will come to know what it is that we are looking for and what it is that will give us a sense of completion and satisfaction. Here we will have to try our hands at varied things till the time we do not reach a place and point which makes us feel that, yes, this is it! This makes us feel content, enriched, fulfilled and finally at peace. All longings here cease and this new point, place and activity becomes our retreat and relief from the demands of the world outside. Here we are not only replenished and rejuvenated but also fulfilled and content. This journey might be an uphill task, and may take long as well. But we are not the ones to give up! As the view from the summit is a breathtaking one, hence we will tred on and trek on undaunted. And once here at the pinnacle we will discover our own sunshine which will give us shade, warmth and glow undiminished and unaffected by the goings on of the world outside. From now on, this realisation will become a source of constant strength and continued succour for us, at all times and events. And now, we will finally be on our way to discovering our own sunshine!

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