A Few Thoughts….Meanderings….

1) Think about this……self- will or the Universal Will…….

my plan or the Cosmic Plan……

Outside world’s noise or the Inner Voice…..

2) Short term fixes lasts for a short time. Long term Resolutions lasts for a life time.

3) Uncomplicate. Simplify…… Simple is the best Principle.

4) Be original. Be yourself. Each one of us is unique.

5) There is a time to think and a time to act. Strike a balance. Try to do the right thing at the right time. Good intentions and well meant actions always bear good fruits.

6) Sometimes, extricate yourself from the web of the world. Spend some time by yourself for yourself. This only helps one to face the world better.

7) Each day is an occasion for celebration. The sun is shining, the moon is smiling and the breeze is blowing on each one of us. Receive the blessing with gratitude and joy.

8) Last but certainly not the least,(infact, the best is saved for the last!), never forget to remember, happiness is an inside job! Choose to be happy!

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