The body is a Temple in which the Soul Divine resides.

In life, one should have Silence, Solitude and Inner Peace. And one’s mind, should be Still, Silent and Steady.

Always remember, no one is ever lost and lonely, one is always found and accompanied by the Almighty. Hence, never be disappointed and despondent for too long. Never ever give-up on God!

Never forget, none is ever weak and vulnerable, each one is protected and defended by the Divine. Therefore, never loose courage and hope. Keep the Faith alive!

Every one of us have to go through our own Ocean of Grief to reach the lasting Shore of Peace.

When one goes beyond one’s own limits and boundaries, then one reaches the Supreme Almighty, who is truly limitless and boundless eternally.

Divine Aspirations are incomplete and remain unfulfilled without a thorough and absolute self-transformation. Renewal is the road that will the pave the way to the Divine Destination.

And now, a few parting thoughts, some times take a break from a state of constant and ceaseless thinking and for reprieve, look at the sky, feel the breeze, soak the sun and actually smell the roses! And of course, never fail to thank God for the small mercies!

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