Before reaching any conclusion regarding people or situations we should put ourselves in the place of those we are judging. We should learn to see things from other’s perspective. This will help erase misplaced resentments. And a sense of mutual understanding and empathy will be created and a spirit of co-operation will bring in harmony and well-being.

We should not be busy only for the sake of being busy as this will only leave us exhausted and drained out. Instead we should occupy ourselves with something truly fulfilling and really enriching. It might take time and effort to find out what it is, but it is certainly worth investing in and then pursuing it wholeheartedly. This will give us a sense of deep contentment and lasting joy.

The Almighty has blessed us with the power to choose and it is subject to our discretion for use, misuse or abuse. We have to choose wisely discerning between the fair, self-will and the God’s will.

The best of times and the worst of times, the splendid season and the inclement climes, will not last forever for any reason or rhyme, as such is the Nature of Time, so just let go and always remember, the sun sets only once again to rise and shine!

When in doubt do not hesitate to communicate, there might either be a confrontation or a clarification, anyways, the air will get clear of all contamination!

Always mind your words, never say what you don’t mean. The meaning and message should neither get lost nor distorted in the web of words.

And above and over all a prayer for everyone, dear Lord, grant us this one boon, save us from ourselves!!!

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