A Few Thoughts…..

Go with the flow. Sometimes, it is better to be with the tide rather than to be against it, as one never knows it might take one along to hithero unexpected joy, surprise, unexplored breath taking sights to behold and provide many new lessons to learn.

Our inner and outer worlds should be in consonance with one another. Such a life is full of harmony and devoid of any form of conflicts and clashes.

Know your own self worth. Do not bother to prove anything to anyone. It is just not worth it because one can never please all, so it is better to please none at all!

Associate mostly with people who help to bring out the best in you and those who make you react negatively are best avoided.

Heed your inner calling. Try to listen to it and work upon realizing it in life and experience deep fulfillment and true enrichment.

And of course, never forget to be your own ‘happy’!

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